OKI et l'innovation à travers le temps




Besides producing communications equipment and electronic wiring, Oki Electric Works specialised in construction and installation work for telephone lines, electric bells, and lightening rods for government offices in Tokyo. When the company installed telephone lines to enable communication between the first and twelfth floors in the Ryounkaku, the project received much attention thereby advertising the company's technical abilities.

Business boomed so a new factory was built in the Kyobashi section of Tokyo with a sales department to follow two years later.

Oki employed 83 people which was seven times the number it employed just nine years earlier. This was sound proof that the start of the telephone business by the Ministry of Communications had led to expanded operations for Oki, thus turning it into Japan's top manufacturer of communications equipment.

The government introduced the First Telephone Expansion Plan and the following period witnessed a significant development in the early years for Oki, a year during which the value of production for the company increased two-fold in comparison to its value two years earlier. Orders to overseas manufacturers from the government increased, and domestic communications equipment manufacturers assumed the role as agents for imported products. Oki was in a natural position to take advantage of this and moved to expand the line of products it handled.

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